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Case Study: Interface - Bon Accord

Founded in the early 1900’s, Bon Accord was a family-run soft drink manufacturer who distributed carbonated soft drinks to households across Scotland until the company ceased manufacturing circa 2000. Using the recognised Bon Accord name, and with a new generation at the helm, the family, led by the great, great, granddaughter of the founder, have re-branded and re-launched Bon Accord soft drinks.  Conducting some initial research, Bon Accord was struck by the lack of Scottish all-natural, non-alcoholic drinks available on the market and were looking to fill this gap.  Interface connected Bon Accord to Food Innovation at Abertay (FIA), who has the technical expertise as well as industry and consumer knowledge to assist Bon Accord in its development of a range of premium, carbonated soft drinks.

Read the full case study here: http://www.interface-online.org.uk/case-studies/bon-accord

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Case Study: Food & Health Innovation Service - Nessgro Ltd

Nessgro Ltd specialises in organic root vegetable production on 120 hectares of fertile Scottish soil and has its own wash factory and packhouse.  A strong committment to Nessgro's customers and crops was rewarded with the prestigious Grower of the Year 2007 and in 2013 won the Marks and Spencer's Scottish produce category as well as their Champion of Champions Farming for the Future Award.  They aim to provide vegetables that embody the freshness and flavour of the Scottish Highlands.  As both a grower and a packer its fully integrated approach ensures that its aspiration to have a sustainable farming future is matched by its methods.

Read the full case study here: Nessgro FHIS Case Study‌‌

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Case Study: Recipe Reformulation to Solve Longstanding Issues

The Food Innovation @ Abertay University (FIA) have got Scomac's popular Whisky Butterscotch Sauce back on shop shelves.

Scomac, a Dundee based company whose products are sold in outlets across the country, made the decision to withdraw the sauce because the ingredients kept separating and clogging the neck of the bottle.  In Scomac's case, this meant that all the fats from the butter and cream rose to the top and blocked the neck of the bottle so customers had to warm the bottle to melt the cream and butter before they could get it out.  FIA experimented with their recipe and found that increasing the concentration and altering the characteristics of the one of the particular ingredients solved the problem.  FIA also experimented with different high speed mixing techniques to offer the company a range of solutions within their budget and in line with the companies no artificial ingredients policy.

Speaking about the help they received from FIA, Ken Andrew, General Manager of Scomac Ltd, said: "We engaged the services of FIA in an attempt to resolve a long-standing problem with one of our most popular products that we'd withdrawn from the market.  From the outset, we felt at ease working with FIA because they showed a real empathy for the problem and gave us a lot of confidence that they'd be able to find a solution for us".

Abertay's Food Innovators Get Scomac's Whisky Butterscotch Sauce Back on Shop Shelves

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Case Study: NPD within the Bakery Industry

Peckham's initially came to Abertay with ideas for four new types of artisan breads: an olive and sundried tomato bread, a potato bread, an oat bread with green/black tea, and a ciabatta with green/black tea.  Six recipes were developed based around the initial suggestions and, after a few tweaks; the products were tested by an independent consumer panel who commented on the appearance, taste and texture of the breads.  Feedback from the consumer panel helped Peckham's decide which breads they wanted to sell in their stores and, from October (2012) onwards, Peckham's will be making a spelt loaf, a potato bread, a Mediterranean flatbread, and a Mediterranean bread, freshly baked in store for their discerning customers.

Gabrielle Jondet, National Operational Manager at Peckham's Scotland Ltd, said: "Working with Abertay's Food Innovation team has been a very successful venture for us.  As a company we had identified key areas and skills that we wished to work towards, and found the collaboration gave us a direction and focus that really motivated the staff and provided us with a highly successful outcome".

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