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Mathiesons Bakeries

Cake 1 Mathiesons Bakeries are a successful family business dating back to 1872. Mathiesons now have over 30 outlets across Central Scotland and produce a wide range of baked goods and award winning savouries. In addition the company has contracts with some of the major supermarkets to produce a range of their own-label products.

Food Innovation @ Abertay (FIA) collaborated with Mathiesons on two projects to further develop Mathiesons' profile and quality systems which were:

  • Product photography for use in their marketing materials;
  • Integration into their quality systems of a sensory testing schedule for an own brand product.
Food Photography

Cake 2 FIA has a dedicated food photography studio and Mathiesons took full advantage of this facility. The pictures of the Mathiesons product range will be used in marketing materials for the company in a number of ways including a new brochure to showcase their celebration cakes and some leaflets that customers can take away with them with information on the range of cakes and the prices.

Quality systems advice

In addition to studio food photography, FIA also provided an in-house service for Mathiesons. This enabled Mathiesons to bolster their quality systems by producing detailed photographs of the products through the many stages of production. These will be used as an illustration of the acceptable base-line and for the training new starters to demonstrate the level of excellence required.

To support the production of their own label products Mathiesons wished to introduce sensory testing as part of their routine quality assurance checks. Andrew Allsebrook, Food Technologist at FIA, was able to give advice on the most effective way to report the results of their testing and to integrate the testing into their quality systems.


Catriona Stevenson, Head of Retail Operations at Mathiesons said "Working with FIA has been a fantastic collaboration. We have been able to benefit from their expertise and their fantastic resources at the university. We look forward to working with them in the future".

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