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Nicoll's of Strathmore - Recipe Card Development

Nicolls 1 Nicoll's of Strathmore is a family run business producing a range of jams, jellies, marmalades and honeys. Where possible ingredients are sourced locally and no artificial additives or preservatives are added to the products.

The company wished to have Food Innovation @ Abertay (FIA) input to create a series of recipes incorporating the Nicoll's of Strathmore range and then to produce recipe cards for use as a marketing tool. These are placed beside the product range to attract customers and tprovide them with new ideas for the preserves.

Recipe Development

A wide range of recipes, reflecting the versatility of the product range, were initially developed in FIA's development kitchens. In order to make the recipes of more interest to the consumer, savoury recipes incorporating the jams were designed as well as sweet favourites. These were presented to Nicoll's, who chose their preferred option for each product. These were then fine tuned to produce the final recipes.

Recipe Cards

Nicolls 2 Once the recipes had been tested, the recipe cards were designed. FIA provided the food styling using its modern digital photography studio, enabling professional marketing materials to be produced for all the cards, the website, etc. Each dish and jar was photographed and examples can be seen on this page.

A stylish card was then designed by FIA for each recipe, with the design incorporating information about the company, recipe instructions and a photograph of the dish. Again, these were presented to Nicoll's of Strathmore for their input and approval before they were finalised.

The finished recipe card designs were supplied to Sandy Gray, owner of Nicoll's of Strathmore. "The Food Innovation @ Abertay team have made fantastic recipes for my range of jams which are good for all seasons, I wouldn't have managed to create such mouth watering recipes without their help."

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