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Sensory analysis - Goodfellows of Dundee

Goodfellows of Dundee is a family owned bakery company with 14 retail outlets. In addition to over 150 product lines in their own outlets, Goodfellows also have product listings in the major multiples.

Goodfellows had developed two new flavours of oatcakes, Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper, and wished to launch one of them with their one of their multiple retail customers. They requested assistance from the Consumer Panel Group at Food Innovation @ Abertay (FIA) to evaluate which was the consumers' preferred product.

Sensory Analysis

Obtaining independent sensory analysis data is an important part of the New Product Development process. An impartial view backed up by statistical analysis provides valuable support when looking to invest in new equipment, deciding which new product to launch or when comparing your products against competitors. FIA has a large Consumer Panel Group recruited across a wide range and of ages and socio-economic groupings. This enables us to focus our panels to meet our customers' needs and provide the best results possible, allowing the customer to make an informed decision.


Case 1 Consumer panel results were carried out using over 80 panellists and results showed a slight preference for the Garlic flavour of oatcake. However, the positive feedback from the panellists on the Cracked Black Pepper oatcake encourages Goodfellows to launch both flavours.

Kirsty Reid, Technical Manager at Goodfellows of Dundee, said:

"Thank you for getting us the results so quickly. We have found it really helpful reading though all the comments supplied to us and hope to launch both types within the next few months. Goodfellows of Dundee have previously relied on informal and formal in-house sensory analysis, the availability of the more formal and controlled sensory analysis panel has provided us with a greater insight into the true customer requirements and increased our confidence in the acceptability of our product."

Goodfellows are about to re-launch their Lunchtime Catering Service and FIA provided assistance to photograph the range of products available and to develop their website so that they could now market the service.

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