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Product Development

Innovation is the key to the success of a food or drink business. Developing new products is time consuming and many businesses find it difficult to undertake. FIA can do the work in an efficient and cost effective way. Product reformulation can also be done e.g. reducing saturated fats, salt or sugar in an existing product. Once a new product has been developed it can then be tested for product acceptability using FIA's 100 person consumer panel. FIA can also assist with shelf-life extension, nutritional analysis, food styling and food photography.

New Product Development and Product Reformulation
  • Product design
  • Technology identification
  • Recipe development
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Packaging and labelling advice
Consumer Evaluation/Sensory Analysis
  • 100+ person consumer panel
    • Wide age range
    • Cross section of social and economic groupings
  • Informed feedback
  • Better targeted marketing
  • Signposting for NPD work
Product Analysis
  • Comparison against competitors
  • Comparison with Food Standards Agency guidelines
  • Reduction of fat, salt and sugar without affecting sensory perception
Nutritional Analysis
  • Investigate the theoretical nutritional content of a product
  • Theoretical values checked
Food Photography
  • For use in all media
    • Food styling
    • Food presentation
    • Food photography
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