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The wider FIA team
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 Costas Stathopoulos

Prof Costas Stathopoulos - Costas is a food scientist and technologist and Head of Division of Food and Drink.  His background includes rehology, food texture, and food processing waste utilisation.  He has university experience in Greece, UK, Thailand, Ireland, Australia and South Korea and has published extensively in academic literature.  His teaching interests include food processing, postharvest technologies, cereal technology, and dairy technology.  He has collaborated with industry and is an expert advisor for the International Tropical Fruit Network. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, and a Life Member of the Society of Dairy Technology. His current research interests include the recovery and utilisation of bioactive components from food waste streams.



Janet Horrocks

Dr Janet Horrocks - Janet is a lecturer in biochemistry. Her background is in antibiotic research and enzyme biochemistry. She has a broad experience of the applications of biochemistry and microbiology. She currently teaches on the Biomedical Science, Food and Forensics programmes and is redeveloping the food microbiology part of the department.  Janet understands that industry lead research is an important part of the division remit and that this interaction with industry means that the department understands the real world problems the food sector faces.
 Graeme Walker  

Professor Graeme Walker - Graeme has 31 years postdoctoral research experience in microbiology and biotechnology. He is Director of the Abertay Yeast Research Group, which investigates aspects of growth, metabolism and stress in yeasts of industrial and environmental significance. Collaborative work has been undertaken in collaboration with industry and academia. Current projects include bioconversion of brewer's and distiller's spent grains to bioethanol and wine yeast physiology.

John Grigor

Dr John Grigor - John is a lecturer at Abertay University. He completed his PhD at Reading University in 1990 focussing on sweet taste and has subsequently been actively researching and consulting in the area of consumer and sensory science for over twenty years.  Current research projects include areas related to dynamic sensory perception, novel measures of food choice and the role of taste in metabolic health.  He is also working with consumer and sensory scientists in other countries to investigate cross cultural influences on food choice to support food businesses wishing to export into new markets.  More recently John has been actively researching in how food businesses innovate and how current practices can be improved.

Alberto Fiore

Dr Alberto Fiore - Alberto is a Food Technologist at FIA and Lecturer at Abertay University in Food Science and Technology.  He has extensive experience in working with SMEs, particularly looking at issues related to food processing and new food development. His main skills are: development of new food products, processing setup and start up, new processing plant development and re-use of food industry by-products.

Athina Tziboula-Clarke

Dr Athina Tziboula-Clarke - Athina, who is lecturer and researcher at Abertay, has a PhD in Bioscience and Biotechnology with her doctoral research in Dairy Science and Technology and has experience within the food ingredients industry. In particular, Athina has been involved in the development of new ingredients, investigating their impact on the texture, rheology and processing capabilities within complex food systems.

 Adilia Lemos  

Dr Adília Lemos - Adília is a Lecturer at Abertay University. Her main research area is New Food Preservation Technologies. She has been involved in projects related to High Hydrostatic Pressure and Ohmic Heating as alternative Food Preservation Techniques to the conventional thermal processes. She is also involved in teaching in Nutrition and Food Technology areas at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

 Kevin Farrugia  

Dr Kevin Farrugia - Kevin Farrugia joined Abertay University in July 2011 after successful completion of a Masters and PhD in forensic science at the University of Strathclyde. His current role involves teaching chemistry and forensic science modules in the B.Sc. (Hons) course in addition to supervision of honours projects and independent research. Kevin is actively involved in research related to the enhancement of latent marks (fingermarks and footwear marks) as well as the analytical testing of street drug samples for intelligence purposes. He is a Chartered Chemist and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Forensic Science Society, Fingerprint Society, Society of Evidence Based Policing, the International Association of Identification and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

 Keith Sturrock  

Dr Keith Sturrock - Keith has been employed at Abertay for 30 years in a variety of roles.  He has many years’ experience in analytical chemistry and completed his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry in 2005.  He is currently Programme Tutor for the BSc Policing and Security course and teaches general chemistry and chromatography and spectroscopy on the Forensic Science programme.  His research interests include fingermark technologies and strategies, the application of spectroscopic, chromatographic and microscopic techniques to the identification of inks, the application of ultrasound to chemical and biological systems and analysis of the fatty acid composition of fingermark residues to determine age of fingermark.

 Boon Seang Chu

Dr Boon-Seang Chu - Boon is a lecturer in Food Science at Abertay University. His main research interest is in the area of lipid technology and food colloidal systems such as oil emulsions, nutrient delivery systems and food nanoparticles. In recent years, Boon’s works have focused on the design of food structure for modulating fat digestion either in obese or fat malabsorption physiologies. Other studies include structuring of food matrix and formulation of nutrient delivery systems for optimal nutrient absorption and health benefits.

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