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Why work with FIA?
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Finding the right people to work with your business is always a challenge but we hope that you will find FIA staff sympathetic to your needs and as well as professional at meeting them.

Another challenge is meeting the ever-changing needs of the consumer for it is expensive for your business when you get it wrong. FIA staff can help your business to manage the process successfully by sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise with you.

FIA has worked with a cross section of food and drink businesses across Scotland (mainland and islands) and they have told us that the work we have undertaken on their behalf has improved their product range, their production techniques and their bottom line.

FIA's work on new product development and product reformulation helps businesses to launch new and/or improved products successfully as all the products are tested on the required target market for consumer acceptability through FIA's consumer panel prior to being put into full scale production.

FIA can also assist with packaging, food styling and food photography as it not only has specialist staff in these areas but also specialist facilities (we have a photographic studio).

In FIA's food innovation centre which is equipped with cookery, bakery, packaging equipment we can up-scale recipes to an extent thus aiding decision making on full scale production.
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